Tipps zur Stoffwechsel-Optimierung: So kurbeln Sie Ihren Metabolismus effektiv an, einfach aber effektiv

Metabolism optimization tips: how to effectively boost your metabolism, simple but effective.

The aging process manifests itself in our bodies on a wide variety of levels. A central feature of our biological aging is a slowed metabolism. But how can we improve and revive our metabolism?

What is our metabolism good for?

Our metabolism is responsible for the process of converting our food into energy. It is the chemical underbelly of our body and plays an important role in our aging process. The speed of metabolism varies from person to person and can increase or decrease the risk of fat accumulation. Those with a slow metabolism tend to have more calories left over to be stored as fat. The opposite is true for those with a faster metabolism.

Metabolism begins to decline as early as puberty

Growing older is part of life and is associated with many very beautiful aspects. More serenity, life experience and wisdom. But there are also some things we would certainly all like to do without. One of them is the constant shutting down of our metabolism. Our metabolism already starts to dropbefore we reach 20, as the graph below clearly shows. We then experience a further rapid decline from around 60. This decline in metabolic performance is unfortunately also associated with an increased risk of developing chronic diseases.

Stoffwechsel im Alter

What other consequences can an impaired metabolism have?

The Metabolism is not only about energy, but also about how the body handles nutrients and converts them into usable energy. A well-functioning metabolism aims to keep our bodies in balance, repair damage that occurs as we age, and thus keep our bodies young and healthy for a long time. However, if our metabolism is busy repairing other damage caused by diseases, poor nutritiong or cell damage caused by sunburn, less energy is left over to keep our bodies fit, young and healthy. The result: faster aging from the outside and inside.

What can you do now to support your metabolism?

Fortunately, there are ways to support your metabolism. Several lifestyle factors can help ensure we have enough energy to regenerate our bodies. These are summarized in the health pyramid.But sometimes it's not always possible to consistently implement healthy habits. This can have many reasons. Stress in everyday life or at work, no time for balanced meals or just a little slack when it comes to your sports routine. But these reasons should not become your undoing. That is why we have developed Zell Boost we have developed a unique dietary supplement that optimally supports your health and metabolism. The niacinamide contained in Zell Bo ost Niacinamide is converted by our body into NAD+ by our body. NAD+ is virtually the fuel for our cells. High NAD+ levels therefore ensure that our body has enough energy to keep all important physical regeneration processes running.

A second important nutrient in Zell Boost is the wheat germ extract-derived Spermidine. Spermidine promotes our body's own detox process, the Autophagy. This helps our body to break down or repair damaged cellular components and reduce inflammation levels.

Thus, you create the optimal conditions for you and your body to stay young and healthy as long as possible.