Länger gesund leben durch Autophagie und Fasten: Was steckt hinter dem Gesundheitstrend?

Longer healthy living through autophagy and fasting: What's behind the health trend?

Fasting has been practiced for thousands of years. But only recently have studies illuminated the effect of fasting in terms of adaptive cellular responses. Fasting can reduce oxidative damage and inflammation, optimize energy metabolism and slow cellular aging. We reveal what this is all about and what the latest studies show here.

What happens in your body when you fast?

Fasting initiates an evolutionarily conserved alternative metabolic mode. This is designed to conserve energy and protect the organism during times of food scarcity in order to optimize survival and reproduction once food becomes available again. This also induces inducesautophagy , the body's cell rejuvenation and clean-up process.

What is the impact of fasting on health?

Several studies shed light on the benefits derived from periods of fasting followed by periods of food intake. For example, positive effects on risk factors for aging, diabetes, autoimmunity, cardiovascular disease, neurodegeneration and cancer have been found.
A meta-study concludes that fasting has a high anti-aging potential as it reduces the activity of the mTOR pathway and stimulates autophagy..

Which fasting method is right for me?

There are quite a few methods of fasting. The right type of fasting, is the one that fits well with one's lifestyle and does not involve unnecessary stress. Two popular methods are the 16:8 and the 5:2 method.

16:8 Fasting

16:8 Fasting, also known as Intermittent Fasting, Intermittent Fasting or Hirschhausen Diet (English: Intermittend Fasting), limits food intake to 8 hours a day and provides for a fasting period of 16 hours. For example, a typical cycle might look like this: The first meal is eaten at 12 noon, and the last meal is eaten at 8 pm. The fasting window then lasts overnight until the next day at 12 noon. Depending on the body's response, it may be appropriate for women of fertile age to reduce the fasting period to 12-14 hours to avoid upsetting hormonal balance.

5:2 Fasting

The 5:2 fasting involves eating a normal, balanced diet for 5 days and reducing your energy intake to 800 calories for men and 500 calories for women on 2 days.

What should I pay attention to when fasting?

With all fasting methods, it is of course important to ensure that macro- and micronutrient intake is not neglected. It is also important to make sure that you drink enough, especially during the fasting period. Water is ideal, but even black coffee or teas are not considered fasting breakers and can be consumed in moderation.

Is fasting the only way to reap these health benefits?

Fasting undoubtedly requires a certain amount of dedication. In order to master this lifestyle for yourself and enjoy all the benefits, long-term stamina is required. That's why science is also constantly looking for safe and practical alternatives that can be used in place of or as a supplement to fasting. An example of this is Spermidine. The nutrient is known to mimic the effects of fasting in the body, causing such things as Autophagy autophagy. So depending on the life situation, you have different ways to support your body.

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